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Board of Directors

Sue McCracken

Sue was a middle school Family and Consumer Science teacher who retired to Bloomington to enjoy all the city and university have to offer, with the added bonus of the proximity to the forests and hills of southern Indiana.  She is a lifelong sewer/crafter and an avid thrifter, reuser, recycler. After she arrived in Bloomington she discovered Trashion Refashion and has been contributing garments ever since. Retirement has allowed her to expand her own sewing business focusing on creating upcycled pillows from graphic t-shirts and thrifted materials.  She and her husband had the time to hike seriously long sections of the Pacific Crest Trail and the Appalachian Trail.  She’s excited to put energy into the creative reuse project which will make Bloomington an even cooler place to live and be a drop in the sustainability, save the planet bucket.  

Katie Gandhi

Katie is passionate about sustainability, community development, art and education. She recently relocated to Bloomington, IN but has been dreaming of starting a creative reuse center for many years. Shortly after moving to Bloomington, Katie met Sue by chance and they instantly bonded over dreams of starting a creative reuse center. 

Jean​ Haley

Jean Haley is a local fiber artist who grows color (dye plants), makes art, and teaches the joys of both in workshops and seminars. Her mission is low impact and zero waste fiber art and supplies. When she’s not working on her art, Jean works on sustainable agriculture and environmental programs as an evaluation specialist.

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