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Material Donations

printable list of accepted & not- accepted materials 

Donation Guidelines

  1. Donations are accepted new or used unless otherwise noted.

  2. See below to learn what materials we accept what new and used materials we do and don't accept. We encourage you to contact us if you have unique items you think we might accept, even if they aren't listed below.

  3. Please sort your donations as much as possible before bringing them to us.
  4. Please contact us if you have a large quantity of donations. It would be best to set up an appointment.

Materials Accepted

ARCHITECTURE, BUSINESS & INDUSTRIAL DISCARDS – architecture/design samples/swatches, blueprints, contact paper, industrial cast-offs, drafting supplies, damaged but usable, factory rejects/seconds, clean manufacturing scraps, containers…and more.

ARTS/CRAFTS - Most types of paint, brushes, pastels, glue, chalk, ink, carving tools, stencils, transfer letters, crayons, markers, rulers, dyes, clay & clay tools, glue guns, silk screens, canvas (blank and used), easels, table covers, felt, foam, sketchbooks, cutting mats, sculpture tools, colored glass scraps, mat board, frames, acrylic, corrugated plastic, ribbon, art paper, sign-board, adhesive vinyl, photo albums, colored pencils/marker, cameras, Plexiglas, looms, feathers, pipe cleaners, glitter, doll supplies, silk flowers, twine, buttons, wax, foils, xacto knives/blades, yarn, knitting needles, patterns, crochet hooks, popsicle sticks, sequins, pearls, chalkboards, mosaic pieces, wool, natural materials (shells, rocks, pebbles), glass, basket reed, cork boards, craft appliances, pom poms, candle-making supplies, die cut machines, looms, palattes, plain magnets, stickers, scrapbooking supplies, stencils, embellishments, punches, stamps, stamp pads, applique, yarn winders, kits…and more.

BAGS – used or unwanted clean bags for shopping! Fabric bags are awesome of course, plastic newspaper sleeves work great!

CONTAINERS/HOLDERS/SHAPES - small glass jars (i.e. baby food), tins, tubes, film canisters, small cardboard boxes, reusable shopping bags, plastic crates, boxes (cigar, jewelry, gift), spools, reels, cones, spheres, storage bins, buckets, buckets, barrels, tins, jewelry boxes, baby food or mason jars, baskets, coffee cans, Oatmeal containers, wedding decorations, Pringles containers…and more. **NO food containers unless otherwise noted

EQUIPMENT & TOOLS – button-maker, Cricut, sewing machines, paper, loom, paper cutter

FABRIC & NOTIONS – fabric 1/4 yard or fat-quarter size and greater (smoke and pet hair-free) - especially polar fleece, lace, velvet, denim, elastic, fake-fur and burlap, zippers, buttons, beads, jewelry pieces, thread, sewing supplies, hoops, thread, sewing tools, ribbon, cording, Velcro, leather, batting, patterns, wool, sewing machines, mill ends, felt…and more

GLASS - stained glass pieces, jars, fusing glass, leaded glass, lampworking glass, picture frame glass (whole), test tubes, pipettes…and more.

HARDWARE/GARAGE - mostly-full latex paint cans 1 pint or less in good condition, hooks, dropcloths, hinges, handles, doorknobs, knobs, pulls, ornate throw-aways and unusual scrap, keys, gears, cord, wire, fishing lures/hooks, rope, small machinery parts, mini light bulbs, batteries, PVC pipe pieces, barrels, tools, blocks and boards (untreated), cork, wood scraps, spools, dowels, stretcher bars, wood scraps, wire, rope/twine…and more.

JEWELRY – necklaces, chains, beads, shells, bracelets, earrings, rings, pins, watches, jewelry findings…and more.

KITCHEN & LIVING ROOM – magazines, musical instruments, white boards, wine corks, metal bottle caps, reusable shopping bags, twist ties, miscellaneous forks/spoons, music books, sheet music, small mirrors, small musical instruments, music books, opened but unused paper plates/cups/straws, defective/broken/incomplete board games, board game pieces, magnifying glass, vintage suitcases, cigar boxes, egg cartons, toilet papers/paper towel cardboard rolls, costumes & costume jewelry, non-decorated baskets, vintage encyclopedias, maps, globes, atlases, vintage photos/postcards, used candles, food coloring, marbles, game and puzzle pieces, cardboard rolls, odd/unique items not accepted by curbside recycling, artificial flowers, books related to art/crafts/vintage/architecture/design…and more.

MEDIA/TECH – damaged/unplayable records, film canisters, CDs, slides, floppy disks, coated wire, motherboards, photography equipment, overhead projectors, slide projector, circuit boards…and more.

METAL - Bottle caps, tins, figurines, metal fixtures (hooks, doorknobs, etc.), uncoated wire, keys…and more.

OFFICE & PACKING SUPPLIES not accepting at this time, but maybe in the future!

PAPER – Copy paper, cardstock, letterhead, envelopes, art paper and pads, construction paper, scrapbook paper, rolls, pads, poster board, vintage art/books, paper sample books, index cards, blueprints, cardboard tubes, maps, contact paper, paper tubes, unused greeting cards, playing cards, maps, calendars with photos, postage stamps…and more.

PARTY SUPPLIES – hats, favors, crepe paper, wrapping paper, costumes & costume jewelry, gift bags, tissue paper, unused greeting cards, party decorations, ribbon and bows, mylar balloons, unused cups, plates and straws…and more.

ZILLIONS OF OTHER ITEMS - thingamabobs, gizmos & whatnots; limited only by one’s imagination (and the space we have in our shop!)  Let us know what else you have!



  • Animal cages, fish tanks, feeders

  • Appliances Bedding, pillows, curtains, sheets, mattresses

  • Building materials – large or unless otherwise listed​

  • Carpet – large or used

  • Clothes/Shoes

  • Food Containers

  • Bottles/cans - beer, soda or water

  • Broken mirrors with sharp edges

  • Cleaning products

  • Cribs, playpens, bed frames

  • Encyclopedias or outdated textbooks (unless vintage)

  • Electronics – contemporary

  • Fabric – narrow strips, poor condition, dirty

  • Furniture

  • Glass – broken or larger than 11X14

  • Hazardous – containing mercury, fuel, paint (except art/craft paint and mostly-full latex paint 1 pint or less in good condition)

  • Healthcare items - used, contaminated or large

  • Household recyclables, cookware, dishes

  • Lawn equipment

  • Makeup and personal care items

  • Promotional materials

  • Tile – large or used


  • It is toxic, leaking, unlabeled, rusty, or dangerous. 

  • It is dirty, moldy, smelly, smoke-damaged, insect-damaged, or in bad condition. 

  • It is something that has been exposed to the elements for most of its life or stored outside. 

  • It is more appropriate for a thrift store or other type of reuse outlet. (We focus on items for art projects, 
craft projects, re-purposing). 

  • It is a personal care item. Did it ever hold medication or hazardous material? Is it a used medical device? 
(crutches, walkers, intubators, braces...) 

  • It is hazardous/flammable (such as fuels, solvents, dead batteries).

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