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Classes & Workshops


1. Adult themed workshops by reservation with min and max required for the Art Scrap

2. Regular workshops offered occasionally with registration

3. Birthday parties



1. camps

2. birthday parties


1. field trips - charge, 

  • Introduction to creative reuse and the 4R’s

  • Exploring examples of reuse art

  • Hands-on creative reuse activities

  • A staff-led craft project that students will keep

  • A tour of the facility

2. teacher trainings

  • Group activity focused on using materials in new ways in the classroom to teach different subjects

  • Hands-on craft project with reused materials

  • Sharing a wide variety of other creative reuse projects to do back at school

  • Ideas on setting up a reuse station in the classroom

  • Highlighting facility as a resource for teachers

  • Tour

3. scouting outings

  • 2 hours in studio with host

  • Activities toward earning your Ecology, Art, or Building-themed badge or patch

  • A creative reuse craft project that Scouts will keep

  • A take-home kit with reused materials

  • Learning about the organization and creative reuse as a future resource for your scout group

  • Tour

4. presentation in the classroom - 

  • Hands-on activities

  • Information about creative reuse

  • Everyone gets to make a simple project out of reused materials to take home


If you are interested in showing your art in our gallery, please get in touch with us. 

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